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Crescent Wooden Swing Set

Crescent Swing Set

Transform your backyard into an exciting outdoor playground with one of our Residential Wooden Swing Sets! Our Creative Playthings Swing Sets come in various sizes to fit outdoor spaces large and small. Our backyard swing sets are also loaded with Standard Features that will have your kids sliding, climbing, and having fun in no time. You may also add exciting and innovative swing set accessories (slides, swings, ladders, climbing walls, and much more) at any time. Creative Playthings Swing Sets are designed to be safe, secure, and fun!

The Crescent Wooden Swing Set is our most popular Naturaline™ 100% cedar and redwood backyard swing set, with a Spacious 5′ x 5′ Play Deck, 5′ High. Standard features on the Crescent Swing Set include:

  • The Crescent Gym, with All Standard Gym Features
  • Your choice of Swing Beam or Top Ladder on the Swing Set
  • Sling Swing, Ring Trapeze, & Back-To-Back Glider
  • Heavy Duty Ny-Glide Swing Hangers
  • Adjustable Height Swing Accessories
  • Color Coordinated Swing Set Components
  • Recessed Hardware With Safety Bolt Covers
  • Steel Reinforcement Plates, Ground Stakes

Ruggedly constructed of our Naturaline™ 100% cedar and redwood, and finished with a durable redwood stain, our Crescent Wooden Swing Sets are also covered by our industry leading, Creative Playthings Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Your Crescent Wooden Swing Set comes complete with all of the Gym, Play Deck, and Crescent Swing Set features listed above. As with nearly all of our Creative Playthings swing sets, you may also (at time of purchase) choose either the Top Ladder (monkey bars) or Swing Beam (single beam) option for your swing set. Plus you may select either 3 or 4 “swing positions” on your set, depending on how many kids will be using it. Each ” swing position” on the set is capable of holding one swing, one back-to-back glider, one trapeze, etc.

The Crescent Gym Standard Features

  • 5′ x 5′ Playdeck, 5′ High
  • Wood Roof
  • Sturdy 4 x 4 Construction
  • Constructed of 100% Naturaline™ Redwood and Cedar
  • Adult Accommodating Playdeck
  • Hand Grips
  • Angled Access Ladder with Wide Flat Steps
  • Built-In Sandbox with Seats
  • 10′ Wave Slide, Green or Yellow
  • Slide Handle

Rubber Playground Mulch

Rubber Mulch

Enjoy a lifetime of safety while protecting the environment!

Rubber Mulch is a unique rubber granule made from 100% recycled scrap tires, created to protect your children and the environment. Proven to be the most effective safety surfacing available, Rubber Mulch cushions the impact of dangerous falls and shields children from playground injuries. Strong, resilient, and almost effortless to maintain, Rubber Mulch Playground surfacing is ready for fun no matter what the weather!


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