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Ridgefield Wooden Swing Set

Premium Pine™: The Ridgefield Wooden Swing Set

Transform your backyard into an exciting outdoor playground with one of our Residential Wooden Swing Sets! Our Creative Playthings Swing Sets come in various sizes to fit outdoor spaces large and small. Our backyard swing sets are also loaded with Standard Features that will have your kids sliding, climbing, and having fun in no time. You may also add exciting and innovative swing set accessories (slides, swings, ladders, climbing walls, and much more) at any time. Creative Playthings Swing Sets are designed to be safe, secure, and fun!

(Pictured Here: Ridgefield Series Option #2 with optional Ridgefield Bottom Clubhouse, Flower Box, Shutters, Ridgefield Bottom Porch with Play Floor & Play Walls, Veranda with Wood Roof & Gable Fans, Ramp, Super Wave Slide, Bubble Panel, Ship’s Wheel, & Binoculars, in a Contoured Play Zone with Red Rubber Mulch.)

The Ridgefield Wooden Swing Set is a versatile and challenging swing set for kids of all ages. The very popular Ridgefield Swing Set comes loaded with these standard features:

The Ridgefield Standard Features

      • Play Deck: 5′ wide x 9′ deep x 5′ High
      • Wood Roof w/ Dormer & Gable Fans
      • Clubhouse w/ Porch
      • Southern Yellow Pine Constructionk
      • Access Ladder w/ Wide Flat Steps
      • (2) Deluxe Hand Grips
      • Built-in Sandbox (Requires 650 lb. of sand)
      • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Ruggedly constructed of our Special Pine™ #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine, and finished with our special water repellent brown stain, our Ridgefield Wooden Swing Sets are also covered by our industry leading, Creative Playthings Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Your Ridgefield Wooden Swing Set comes complete with the Gym, Play Deck, and the Williamsburg Swing Set components listed above. As with nearly all of our Creative Playthings Swing Sets, you may also (at time of purchase) choose either the Top Ladder (monkey bars) or Swing Beam (single beam) option for your swing set. Plus you may select either 3 or 4 “swing positions” on your set, depending on how many kids will be using it. Each ” swing position” on the set is capable of holding one swing, one back-to-back glider, one trapeze, etc. (please see the Ridgefield Swing Set Options Tab for more info)

Creative Playthings’ goal is to provide you with the best possible swing set product for your home, family, and outdoor backyard fun. Our sales representatives are trained to help you make the best choices in selecting the various options and accessories for your family’s outdoor swing set!

Unlike many wooden swing sets on the market (where the components must be in a single, fixed position), the Ridgefield Wooden Swing Set is also available in several different, versatile “configurations”. Your swing beam or top ladder, slide, and access ladder may be attached to the Ridgefield Gym on different sides depending on the size and shape of your yard, or your personal preference. This ensures easy, safe access for your kids. Plus takes optimal advantage of your backyard space. Another Creative Playthings advantage you won’t find in most swing sets!

You may add additional swing set accessories at time of purchase, or, as your children grow, make upgrades to your Ridgefield Wooden Swing Set with additional slides, swings, and other Ridgefield Swing Set Accessories to increase your family’s outdoor swing set fun.

The Ridgefield Swing Set

Take advantage of Creative Playthings more than 50 years of experience in designing children’s commercial play equipment and contact us with your project needs.

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Rubber Mulch Benefits (WALL STREET JOURNAL)


There is much that can be said about the benefits of rubber mulch products from Fitness Lifestyles. Good for the environment, savings of time and money, little maintenance required, unequaled safety, ADA compliant, IPEMA certified, non-toxic, will not rot, fade or compress even after years battling the elements, EPA approved – all very important statements. But when asked why we do what we do, we ask this question, “Does it make sense to cut down a tree to put under a tree?”

Keep on planting and playing, and we will do our part to keep your yard looking great, and your children safe for years to come with our industry best, recycled rubber products. You have our word.

Since we opened our doors, our recycled rubber products have garnered praise from some of the top media in the country, but to us, the most important endorsement is still from you.

“Across the country this spring, homeowners have been passing up the pine nuggets in favor of shredded tires colored everything from coral rose to rustic red to a naturalistic brown.”-WALL STREET JOURNAL


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